In 1965 and 1966, Europe was hit by several flood disasters. The devastating effects led to regular meetings of well-known experts in Klagenfurt in 1967, to discuss the causes of these natural occurrences, as well as preventive measures for protection and damage limitation. The meetings unified researchers and engineers from different fields and countries to cope with severe sediment-related disasters that hit the European Alps countries successively. As a result from these meetings the association Interpraevent was founded.
The purpose of the Research Society is to set up preventive protection against disasters, and to further interdisciplinary research to protect human living space against flooding,debris flow, landslides, avalanches and rockfall, as well as anthropogenic (man-made) influences and destruction. As the Society’s name implies, the intention is also to carry out research and pass on information concerning the causes of these events.

One of the tasks of Interpraevent is therefore to plan and conduct international interdisciplinary events. Up to now, 13 international congresses have been organized on the topic of preventive protection against natural hazards. In 2020 the Congress will be arranged in Norway for the first time.
The congress aims to be a meeting point for practitioners, scientist and decision makers working in the fields of the congress themes. The focus will be on all fields of natural hazard risk reduction – from integrated management and causes of disasters, to mitigation measures, preparedness and effects of climate and social changes. We welcome contributions from research to practical applications, as well as policy making, insurance and economic aspects.

The format of the congress will be oral presentations, covering topics from practice to innovation and research, as well as excursions, poster exhibitions and student paper award. All presented in English.

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